What I Learned from 31 Days

Now that 31 Days of Serving My Husband has come and gone it felt unfinished without some closing words.  I had a mini celebration with myself in my head over completing another 31 days series but besides that (and a kind text from a friend) it just came and went.  It felt uneventful.

I would say that this year and last year's series were written to focus my heart on a topic that was dear to me.  I suppose getting to the point where I am willing to commit to the 31 days is where I get the most out of it.  The preparation and mindset to hike up my big girl pants and do something that scares me a little is probably the largest growing point.

So after writing a whole month straight on serving my husband, I would not say I miraculously became a better wife.  Sure I learned things but I think what I got most from it was more about blogging.

I learned that I have the confidence, thick enough skin, and passion for my life, how I live, and what I blog about.  I came out of this series with better boundaries with blogging.  Some days just felt like survival getting a post up every day.  But it taught be to dig deep down and write from my heart.  To surrender my words...my heart...my life...and send it out into the world whether or not it would be read, received well, and meant enough to encourage someone.

I think sometimes I have no idea what my blog is doing.  I believe I am supposed to write and share and be honest with the world because I feel it pressing on my heart.  I see pins on Pinterest and how many page views I get but I think I may never know the full capacity of what my blog is doing.  And I learned I have to be okay with that.  And instead be obedient to sharing.  Because I love to share.  I believe I have a gift of sharing.  And it became less about me but a message I am to tell that is bigger than me. 

So that being said, I will admit, I am tired.  I am happy to have the freedom to let a day pass without a post.  But I feel like I have a better grasp at who I am because I took a risk.  It was not so much about whether or not every post was well written but it was more about the process and the discipline.  For that I am thankful.  Some days blogging is really easy.  Pretty pictures and kind compliments from readers are easy...and often joyful.  But I desire more for this place that has eyes who are watching and ears that are listening.

Thank you for your support and even for your kind honesty when you may not agree with everything I say.  I want to be obedient to this space.  That I value your time and that you come here.  That if I have something to say it is of value and substance.  Otherwise I am just another person with a cute idea.  And I believe I am more than that.  Thank you for making this a place where I can be more. 



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