Book Release--31 Days of Serving My Husband: The Devotional

Though I wrote a whole series on marriage, I would not consider myself one to go around giving a ton of marriage advice.  The thing is, though I believe we have a good and thriving marriage, nobody else's relationship will ever be exactly the same.  Who am I to tell others what to do?

So instead of trying to advise friends on what to do, I try to share my story.  I love what Donald Miller says about leading through your story.  Through college and years of working in leadership with youth I was trained on how to lead.  I used to worry about saying the right thing or giving the correct advice.  When in fact I could have simply been leading by just telling my story.

When I went back through 31 Days of Serving My Husband I was convicted by my own words.  Not because I had some kind of expert advice to give but because I started to relive my own stories.  Only a mere four months later had I already forgotten all those words I wrote.  Re-reading 31 Days of Serving My Husband challenged ME in my own marriage.  What an ironic thing.

I love hearing stories and I love telling stories.  Stories do not say, "I told you so."  Instead they share life experience.  I have had it on my heart lately to not push my own agenda on people as a way to help them or reach them.  Instead I have learned that I have an obligation to share my story with others with the hope that those words might just mean something to someone. 

31 Days of Serving My Husband is not a self help book.  Nor does it give you ten steps to a better marriage.  Instead I share that I have been there.  I understand that fight you just had with your husband.  I too get frustrated with dirty clothes on the floor and I get tired of cooking day in and day out.  But our marriages are about so much more than that.  I want to take you by the hand and show you my messy house and my imperfect marriage.  I want you to know that I get it.  And yet despite that, I still choose to honor my husband and marriage the very best way my human ways can...even on days that I don't want to.

This book is about making a choice.  It is about choosing to have the marriage you want and dreamed it could be.  It will not be perfect.  But it can be great.

If my own stories can challenge me, my hope is that they will challenge you as well.  I imagine it like we are sitting on my couch together, sharing our lives together, and listening to each others stories.  I would tell you what I am going through and I would ask you if you have ever had a similar experience.  We would laugh...hug...and find peace in knowing we are on this journey of life together.

Would you be willing to have that conversation with me?  Are you ready to live a greater story?  Do you have the courage to share you story so that we can learn from one another?  I would love it if you did.

Today I am excited to announce that 31 Days of Serving My Husband is now available as a devotional in ebook and paperback form.  This series is my baby.  It birthed a new avenue of sharing my story and I am already moved by how many of you shared your own stories of encouragement of how this series helped you and challenged you in your marriage.

The book includes the entire series as well as scripture for each day and study questions for you to ponder.  This devotional is written for women who not only want to hear my stories of marriage but are ready to take the next step in searching their own hearts on the matter.  The questions are great for personal soul searching or as the foundation for meeting with a group of trusted girlfriends.

To learn more about the book, what it is about, and to purchase, check out the 31 Days of Serving My Husband: The Devotional page:

Click here to buy the book!


To kick off the launch of my new book, I will be posting all week about marriage as well as sharing book reviews from fellow bloggers.  I hope you will join me this week as we continue to share each others stories!

Today Caley of Ellie Love is sharing her thoughts on my new book, 31 Days of Serving My Husband: The Devotional.  Be sure to stop by and hear what she has to say as well as read the sweet stories of her adorable family!

Today's post is part of a week long series promoting my new book, 31 Days of Serving My Husband: The Devotional.  Would you be willing to devote 31 days to bettering your marriage?  I bet your marriage is worth it.


  1. I'm so excited for you! What a great and pertinent topic too. It's the little things day in and day out that can make the most impact on a marriage. Looking forward to checking out your new book!

  2. Congratulations Ashley, what an exciting new endeavor! I think it was a great idea for you to turn your book into a devotional. The subject of serving my husband has been one that keeps coming up lately in my devotion time so I am looking forward to reading some of your insights. Again, congrats!

  3. Thank you Laura! I agree, working on our marriages is a life long process! We can never have enough encouragement in this area in my opinion! xo

  4. You are so right SJ! Thank you for your kind words! xo

  5. This is so wonderful, Ashley! I'm so proud of you for pursuing your dreams! I loved seeing the print copy on instagram - it's perfect!

  6. Thank you Sarah! Oh so scary to follow your dreams...but wonderful!!

  7. Congratulations Ashley! What an accomplishment to finish a book like this and what a story your are telling!

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