Marriage Lessons at the Lumber Yard

A few weeks ago we were at a lumber yard getting wood for our hardwood floors.  As Brent loaded the wood on top of the car, a contractor who was picking up supplies walked by.  We had chatted briefly inside when we were paying so he seemed pretty friendly.  He stopped and looked at us...Brent loading the just standing there.  And he told me, "You must be a good wife to come with your husband to pick up wood."  I laughed, rationalized that I wasn't really doing anything exceptional, but then acknowledged him with a thank you and that it meant a lot for him to notice and say something to me.

While I was super proud at the fact that this blue collared middle aged man was taking notes on the type of wife I was and thought pretty highly of me, the truth is my intentions didn't necessarily align with his observations.

I did want to go with Brent to go get wood...but more because I knew that he was giving up his weekends and spending money on refinishing our floors...for me.  Of course I had other things I could have done at home while he went by himself but I knew that my company would be appreciated.

I have learned that when my husband is doing something nice for me, I show excitement, go with him to pick up supplies, and spoil him with compliments and treats.  I'll admit it is slightly manipulative (I am human).  But I like to think that even though there are sometimes selfish ambitions behind my actions, I know that I need to appreciate my husband to a certain extent to acknowledge what he is doing but also out of encouragement for making up this team together.

That comment was a blessing.  It was encouragement to me that maybe even the smallest actions go noticed to others...and to my husband.  Brent may have not acknowledged that specific incident at the lumber yard but I think it is part of a bigger picture.  That I would do that sort of thing often that makes him feel important.  

I am surprised at how much the little things mean.  Even to me, it would be easy to not even take any consideration of this simple act.  But though this may seem little, giving my time and presence is huge.  I can give gifts or words of affirmation...but it is in giving up my own to do list to be with my husband that is truly a real sacrifice.  And if it makes our marriage stronger than what a worthy sacrifice that is for a much greater gift.


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