Handmade Valentine's Day Decor

It's been a busy and messy few weeks around our house.  We discovered that there were hardwood floors beneath our carpet a few weeks ago and have been slowly fixing sections to get the floor in shape enough to refinish.  Being knee deep in this project has put off my usual planning ahead for Valentine's Day.  I am hosting my annual Valentine's Day Tea next weekend so we cleaned up what we could to get the dining room back in order and so that I could start preparing for the party.

This year's decorations are focused around simple and handmade.  It has that nostalgic childhood feel that I love about this holiday.

A few banners and a re-purposed chocolate box add a little festivity to my existing decor.

I made a few tissue paper flower fans to hang on the wall using heart tissue paper I found at the Dollar Tree.  I think they will make a festive backdrop for the tea party.

The only non-handmade item is the Valentine banner.  It's vintage feel works well with the other crafty banners.

You can see a little sneak peek of the floor repairs so far.  And our new dining room table with one of the leafs in.  We even have one more leaf which allows for seating twelve.  It is a dream.  I love it.  It is amazing how much bigger the space looks between the floors and larger table.

I also filled in my empty frames since the last time I posted about this room.  I have a large collection of these hanging doilies but just hung three this year.  I decided less felt more impactful this year.

The floors look pretty messy from some sanding.  We found paint all over the floor when the previous owners remodeled and painted.  It has definitely been a stretch for me to live in the middle of project mode.  This is our first real big project we have done inside the house so I am beginning to get a taste of what if feels like to live in remodel mode.

It is nice to have the house in order, even if it is just for a week for now!  Looking forward to sharing more about the floors and Valentine's tea soon! 

// Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?