When My Passion Gets in the Way of My Marriage

The last month has been a slightly busy and stressful one in a wonderful "my life has purpose" sort of way.  With the release of 31 Days of Serving My Husband: The Devotional, I have been working hard at getting the book ready, all in time to speak at a local church of 100+ women on this series.  I sense a feeling of confirmation on what I believe to be my life purpose in encouraging and spending time with women.

Though despite this, there have been many more days than usual that Brent and I have been slightly more irritable with each other.  We both have been busy and have not had as much down time as we usually do with each other.  I am so focused on getting my work done and living my calling, that giving him more attention has not been a top priority.  I'll admit, I have been baking more cookies to make up for it and deal with my guilt, but instead it is my time that he really needs.

I started thinking to myself about how I am going to handle this new found calling and passion for blogging and writing.  I would get angry with Brent in my mind over how he wasn't being supportive enough or excited about my accomplishments.

I let that linger in my mind for a few days.  And then I felt the weight of the work I allowed to be placed on my own shoulders.  And I realized it was too much.  It was not just Brent showing lack of support but instead it was me being consumed with myself.

What I am doing is good.  It's not bad.  And the rush I have had over the last few weeks are reminders that I was designed to work this way.  But not at the sacrifice of my marriage.

It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of my life.  But the thing is, this is not my life.  It is our life.  Every decision I make about how I spend my days need to keep him in mind as well.  I can still live out a life of purpose and passion, but I need to not leave my husband behind in the excitement.

So as I promote a book about marriage, I realized that I was sacrificing my own.  It is so easy for me to see our marriage suffer because of my work sometimes that in a state of emotion I consider quitting what I do so that I can be less distracted.  But that is not the answer either.  Learning to balance my work, my passions, and my purpose will make me better at what I do as well as help maintain a thriving marriage. 


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Today's post is part of a week long series promoting my new book, 31 Days of Serving My Husband: The Devotional.  Would you be willing to devote 31 days to bettering your marriage?  I bet your marriage is worth it.