My Paint Colors

It is about time I got around to sharing the paint colors in my home in one concise post.  It has been on my to do list since the first day I slathered a wall with color.  Over the past 4.5 years I have painted many walls.  Our dining room has been four different colors, three of those colors were all painted in one year.  It's a little crazy.  But I have learned that it takes time and trial and error in finding the right tone for your home--something that was definitely worth buying an extra couple of paint cans for.  I have, over the past year, settled into my light colored, almost white home.  I prefer white paints with a brownish-grey undertone.  I want the white to feel warm against the white curtains and furniture (whereas bluer undertones feel cold).  

I still have a few blue walls remaining from my blue-grey phase but they have lasted the test of time and create a nice accent to my otherwise white walls.  Every computer screen and photo is going to give a different perception of the paint colors, but I do my best to edit my photos true to real life color with good natural light.  

My paint finish of choice is egg shell.  Even in the kitchen and bathrooms, I prefer a less shiny finish.  You have to pick the finish that works for your home but I personally rarely find myself cleaning our walls.  Even with my nephew around, we have not needed a more wipe-able finish on our walls.  Some of our walls are semi-gloss but if I was to do it again, I would go with egg shell.

Master Bedroom: (click here for post details)

Custom Color:
-32 oz. Valspar Asiago (same as dining room color)
-32 oz. Olympic Willow Springs
-about 10 tablespoons of Martha Stewart Flagstone

Stencil Color: 
Valspar Woodrow Wilson Putty 

Valspar Asiago--this is probably my favorite wall color.  If I had to paint my entire house one color, this would be the one.

Dining Room Accent Wall: (originally a chalkboard wall--for details click here)
Glidden Seal Grey

Glidden Misty Moonstone--this has more of a blue undertone but in combination with the brown tile, gets balanced out enough for me.

Devine Pique--closer to a pure white.

Guest Bathroom: (click here for details)
Behr Ultra Pure White

Master Bathroom: (click here for details)
Behr Ultra Harmonious

Living Room: (click here for details)

Striped Wall:
Glidden Pebble Grey
Glidden Quiet Rain 

Blue Wall:
Glidden French Grey

Rest of the Room:
Glidden Quiet Rain


  1. I always love posts like this. It is so fun to see what other colors people use and how they look in different spaces. I used to be into bold wall colors, like if I was going to go through the effort of painting it was definitely going to stand out, but, slowly over the last few years I have been painting and repainting and the majority of my home is in various shades of white now and I think it has made decorating so much more interesting and fun. As always, love you home. ;)
    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  2. I completely agree! Having a light "blank canvas" has allowed so much more freedom to change things as I please. It is nice to finally settle on some paint colors that fit my home! Don't miss painting those walls one bit! ;)

  3. I love your bed side lamp Ashley! Where did you get it?

  4. Hi Ashley! I'm loving all your floral arts. They look fantastic on the wall! I also loved your office, very inspiring. I hope your day is a blessed one! xo Vanessa

  5. I love your master bathroom paint color - that is exactly one I would have picked!

    We always went with eggshell on our walls, too. Only the cabinets and baseboards had a semi-gloss finish. I don't like shiny textures nearly as much as the more matte ones!


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