Hosting Out of Town Visitors

We recently had the opportunity to host an extended cousin and her friend from Norway.  It's something like Brent's dad's uncle is her great grandfather.  I'm not sure.  My head is still spinning trying to wrap my head around it.  But however the connection, she is family!  And we were so happy to have them as our guests!

They were on a five week visit to the states with three weeks in California.  They stayed with relatives in Southern California and made their way to visit us and other family in Northern California for a few days.  They were so sweet and such a delight to meet.  It was a privilege to meet them and get a small taste of my in law's heritage.

I wanted to make them feel welcome as well as get a taste (literally) of some of my favorite things from here.  I stocked them up with a few Trader Joe's goodies and some cute sticky notes to take home.

They were our first overnight guests besides my sister in law and nephew so I was pretty excited to set everything up for them.

I even put out some little soaps in the bathroom.

We set up dinner outside with my best American meal...barbecue!  We had barbecue chicken, corn casserole, potato wedges, a decadent macaroni and cheese, and lots of fruit!  Unfortunately I was later told that the meal I served was the most Norwegian meal they had eaten on their trip!  Apparently we eat a lot of the same foods!  But they were so happy to finally have some food that felt like home so it worked out in my favor after all!

Before dinner we had a fruit spread for them to enjoy.  I figured fruit from California would also be a treat.  

Of course they were accompanied with something a little decadent as well - marshmallow and cream cheese dip!

It was so fun to chat with them and hear about their lives.  We drilled them with questions about their lives, their favorite things, as well as comparisons to how they live in Norway compared to the United States.  

After awhile I pulled the girls away from the "adult" conversation to take a few pictures, talk about our favorite movies, and have some girl time.  We ended the night with a movie on the couch.  After all that traveling they just wanted to relax!

We hope to meet them again someday...perhaps when we take a trip to Norway!  It's now on my to travel list!