Our Engagement Video


I have started to more intently work on putting together our "home" videos - videos from vacations, everyday life, and specifically today, our engagement.  While I love the convenience of digital video, the reality is that we end up with a bunch of random clips that get hidden amongst our photos or on phones.

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Gone are the days that you could just pop in a VHS of home videos for hours down memory lane.  My goal is to put together full length videos of our trips as well as short video montages that I can share online (and are much shorter and artistic making it appealing to others to maybe actually watch!).

While we are able to document everything these days it actually seems to make looking back harder as we are overwhelmed by the amount of memories we can now store on hard drives.  My hope is that these short videos will be treasures to our future children one day.  It will give a glimpse of our early years of marriage.

So over the next few weeks I will be sharing the videos I have put together from our last five years of marriage and vacations.  The quality of video footage will get substantially better in a few videos based off of the equipment we used.  So I am starting with the early stuff so we can work up to higher quality video!

Today's video is from our engagement.  Brent planned a surprise "giveaway" for me to Disneyland where he ended up proposing the day before at the beach.  You can read the whole engagement story here.

Click here to watch on the blog if you are having trouble viewing the video.