Cardboard Box Vehicle Creations

The pandemic has brought us both a lot of packages and a lot of creative spare time! Over the past few years we have made quite a few cardboard box vehicles around here and it has been so fun. Here is a round up of some of the ones we have made. What should we make next?!

For our son's astronaut birthday, I made my first cardboard box creation - a space rocket!

For his next birthday, I made an airplane for his airplane themed party.

Then it became that every time we got a large box in the mail, we needed to make something. So our next creation was race cars. The ribbon to go over the shoulders was a huge hit and made for the most interactive vehicle yet.

We started getting really creative with paper and next up was a pair of his and hers police cars.


I stinking cute!

Since then I have gotten a little burnt out on my cardboard box crafting and haven't offered to make any more! But because we made so many and my son is getting a little more creative with things, he can now make his own cardboard box cars on his own. With the investment of time and creativity up front, it has proven to encourage him to make his own. It makes us both so proud to see what he creates and is such a great learning activity. 

We do not have a ton of extra space in our house to store each of these (we don't have a garage). So we usually only keep one (or two) at a time on our back covered porch. We keep it for a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on the interest of play. Once I feel like we have played with it enough, it goes into the recycle bin. 

I have found that my son is more interested in making it then playing with it so they end up being short lived in our house. But if these were things we had to save "forever" we would not make them! Toys and creations we make can have an end date in our house. So teaching my kids that we can make something else later really helps us to let go of it when the time comes. :)