Airplane Birthday Party

Our oldest turned five this summer and he loves all things airplanes. So an airplane themed party was in order. I am trying really hard to do less as I continue to balance my sanity these days! So I picked a few things that I really wanted to do that hopefully were high impact - and then let go of the rest. It turned out really sweet. And most importantly, our birthday boy was thrilled!

I made a cardboard box airplane for him and my husband helped with mounting a spinning propeller on the front. I found light airplane gliders that hung from balloons (they are pretty light but getting larger balloons will guarantee to not weigh them down. We had a variety of sizes and some of the balloons weren't big enough to hold the weight of the planes).

I'll share all the photos and then have links to the supplies at the end. :)


Airplane toy cake topper (comes in different colors)

Hanging airplane flyers


5 balloon

5 sparkler candle


I made this cake recipe that uses a cake mix with a few add ins to make it taste homemade. It was delicious! I will definitely make it again.