Our Whimsical And Slightly Spooky Fall Home Decor


Fall is here and it truly is a glorious season. All the fall leaves, warm drinks, cozy scarves...you know the drill! ;) I sprinkled a little fall decor around our house and am sharing the details today.

The decor is kid friendly but still mom approved. It is whimsical and happy with just a touch of spooky. As my seasons of life transition, I find that I still love to decorate but am doing so in different ways. Being able to care for my home in a creative way continues to bring me to life. But with a little less fuss, I am able to keep my sanity while caring for my young children. 

This year I really tried to not force myself to do anything. When the desire arose, I went ahead and grabbed our fall bin from the shed and pulled it out with my kids. I let them look and then sent them off to nap. I did all the puttering and hanging on my own and then let them help me place a few pumpkins when they woke up. I am still highly type-A, trying to not be a perfectionist - perfectionist, but want my kids to have a chance to be creative with me as well. It is a constant balance and letting go but I continue to learn and grow through it all!

I recently painted our front door white and am IN LOVE. I will share more details soon. But it really makes the decor pop and I am so happy with it.

All the decor is from years past. The pumpkins from our October wedding and paper bats I cut out when we still lived in California and before we had kids. I have purged a bit - so these few special things I have held on to over the years means a lot and bring back some special memories.

I did get some seasonal colored tiles for my Letterfolk tile mat which is so fun!

I love just a simple ribbon hanging from a wreath. If your wreath is asking for just a little more flare, try adding a simple ribbon!

Inside I decorated our living room shelves with a few pumpkins and some fireplace garlands.

I have had the star garland up since the summer and am still happy with it here. And I bought this white felt garland off of Etsy also this summer and have loved the simple pop of white and texture it gives. For fall, a simple strand of wood beads was added.

In our dining room I have a little pumpkin and more bats making the space a little special and festive.

This skeleton bride and groom I got on our honeymoon in Cancun. It continues to bring a smile to my face. I put it in our bedroom to not scare our children. But I also think they are kind of romantic!? Ha!

It has been so fun to celebrate holidays with my kids as well as have a festive background for our day to day. I hope that they will treasure these seasonal traditions as much as I do.

Cute staged photo...

...real life!

And we did this cute tree craft recently that I felt was noteworthy.

Happy fall friends! I hope it is a cozy one!