Race Car Driver + Cardboard Race Car Halloween Costumes

For Halloween this year, we finished up our final year of our Flinstones family costume. For trick or treating we have been letting the kids just pick out costumes from our dress up clothes. This year our oldest wanted to be a race car driver and make his own race car out of a cardboard box. Easy peasy.

Then the week of Halloween our daughter decided she wanted to do the same! Except we only had one race car driver costume and she would definitely need some assistance in making a cardboard car. So we scrambled last minute. And thank goodness for Amazon and finding race car costumes for the two younger kids delivered just in time for Halloween.

We will plan better next year and I won't have a baby! But they sure did come out cute for coming together the day before Halloween. Our kids love cars so it ends up working out well that they can all be race car drivers together and for many pretend play moments to come. 

The two older ones carried their race car boxes the whole night. I was quite impressed. There is definitely something to be said about the pride of making something themselves. Such happy kiddos. We just love Halloween!

Find the costumes here: Chase Elliot Costume | Kids Race Car Driver Costume

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I helped the younger ones with some basic embellishments. Lights and the number of their age on the side.

Our oldest had all kinds of gizmos and gadgets. He still does a quiet time on the weekends when he is home from school. And so this is usually when he would work on his car. It was very elaborate and detailed! He wanted no help from me!

Lot of tough race car faces!

While I said I am relieved that I don't have to do family costumes anymore, this whole sibling costume thing is pretty cute. Somebody help me.

We love Halloween in our neighborhood. This year was especially fun as we know more people from school. It was a great night of fun and community.

So much joy. So much candy!

Baby girl represented in her Pebbles costume. And was fast asleep in no time.

And it wouldn't be Halloween if we didn't have a pumpkin shaped pizza.