I learn from my mom...

I drove up to my parent's house today and realized just how much I have gotten my creativity skills from my mother. I found it so funny that we did practically the same ribbon decorations without even knowing of the other's doing...lol! Like mother like daughter I guess!

My mom and I have pretty different decorating tastes...she is much more simple and classic, liking to set the tone in the home all year long. Whereas I am much more comfortable with changing with the seasons and have a little more of a contemporary look. Either way we both appreciate the other's taste and can have input from a decorator's sense. She has shown me how to be creative and has given me enough space and freedom to make things more eclectic and out of the box helping me create my own unique look.
Anyways, I am off to do some serious Christmas wrapping... ;)


  1. She probably gets ideas from your blog!

    Or you get ideas from her for your blog!

    It's the classic, chicken/egg conundrum!

    Mom and I feed off each other as well. It is fun!

  2. oH My GoOdNeSs!!! I feel your pain on the wrapping situation. I have yet to start on any of my kids stuff...literally, nothing is wrapped for them. Not Good. Plus, I am in charge of wrapping for my sister and her family of 6. They are living at the Ronald McDonald house and just don't have the time or room to get it all done. I am HAPPY to do it...it's the least I can do for them. I have definitely decided I DO NOT want to have 8 kids. Nope...I'm good!

    Have a Merry Merry Christmas & a Blessed New Year ~ Amanda

  3. How funny! Good minds think alike, I guess. Merry Christmas!

  4. How beautiful. I think I got my crafty skills from my mom too. Mothers are great. :) Merry Christmas!!

  5. Merry Christmas!

  6. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and send you warm wishes for a Happy New Year!


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