I Heart Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day...not necessarily for the lovey dovey-ness (I have been there single ladies!)...but I really love it because it is pretty. Eye candy for every girly girl...those pinks and reds are to drool over. I have to admit, the same day I took down Christmas, Valentine's went up! I know...over a month early...I'm killing you right? Well, I went a little crazy last year with the V-Day decor. Target had some absolutely delicious cupcake decor that I went wild over! In order to rationalize the craziness I put up the decorations ASAP so that I can enjoy it longer. And boy does it make me squeal!
I decided to refrain from posting my decorations so that we can all breathe through the New Year but not knowing what to post about, I thought I would share some cute finds I would like to make eventually. But don't worry...those decorations will be coming!

I even remembered loving V-day in elementary school...something about having decorated little bags on your desk and hoping the cute boy you sit next to gave you something sweet...It is a beautiful thing. And back in high school, us single late bloomer girlfriends would have our own V-day parties with a gift exchange and festive red sprinkled treats. There is a sweet nostalgia about it and reminds me why I love being a girl so much! :)
Oh Valentine's Day...I love you! xoxo