Genius Moment

Okay...I have to brag about my genius moment. Maybe you are like me and find all these great ideas online, in books, magazines, stores, etc... Are they overflowing in folders or binders whispering, "organize me"? Well, mine sure are. I actually did really good this summer and organized most everything...but it is 6 months later and I have a new stack...

Anyways, this is not so much about the stack but about the library. I love the library, it is my new best friend. I have found some great decorating and crafting books and not to mention the free DVD rental... Well, it is time for the books to go back but they are not ready because they look like this...All sticky noted up...and they have been like this for weeks...waiting for me to either copy or scan them. So I finally got up the energy to spend an hour at my printer today...and of course the scanner is all wigging out on me. And then the light bulb came on! Why don't I just take pictures of the pages??? Oh my is a miracle. What would have taken probably an hour or more turned into like 15 minutes!!! Now I don't have to add to the piled high stack...these wonderful, beautiful, fantastic ideas can be saved all neat and tidy on my computer until I eventually go to print them. What I love most is that now that they are pictures, I can print multiples pics per page and organize them by craft. As compared to printing each individual page...I am saving a buttocks load worth of paper, ink, and time! Hallelujah!
There is a little glare on the pictures from the light, but I don't mind. I especially liked how I was able to zoom in to exactly what I wanted. This will hopefully eliminate the..."uh, what is this for again??" five months from now. ;)
Well, it is a happy day. Now I can turn those library books in on time and go check out a Photoshop for dummies book! :) Slowly but surely I am on my way to digital scrapbooking...yay! I cannot wait to show you what I am learning!