Confessions of a Thriftaholic

My name is Ashley and I am a thriftaholic...
Sparkly Pear
Wilton Heart Pan

On my way to a meeting this weekend, I had to stop at my favorite thrift store since it was on the way. I was already in a rush leaving the house, but was determined to have just a little under an hour to shop. Now, I really do not like being rushed when is relaxing, strolling down the aisles, touching everything...especially at a thrift store when you have to stare down every aisle in order to not miss anything.

Vintage Linens
Want to cover the platter with some fun paper on the bottom

So as I am taking a stroll through the store, as you can see, they had amazing stuff! I just kept on filling my basket up higher and higher. The items were literally spilling out of my cart! I had fifteen minutes left until my designated "time to leave" time and I was still heading to their large back room of heart started pumping. I was overwhelmed...overwhelmed at all the beautiful things I was finding, overwhelmed at having no idea the amount of money I was about to spend, overwhelmed by my type A-be on time personality whispering, "you have five minutes left..."

Everyone has green moss balls for I do too! And a Pottery Barn U!

I finished the rounds, dumped everything onto the floor, quickly putting away items that were not to die for. People had to step over my things as I sprawled them out all over the aisle...I have only minutes people! I threw it all back into the basket with a ball park amount in my head hoping to make it out of there without going too much over.

The white frame has a metal center...thinking magnetic chalk board

My heart pounded out of my chest in a panicked rush...this must be what gambling and stealing feels like... Of course there was a line at the register and the dear woman was ever so careful handling my things. I told her no bags and I just threw it back into my basket...made it out of there at a pretty reasonable price, not over budget...and it goes to figure, I was five minutes early to my meeting...

This birdcage reminds me of Lola B's
Yes, a chandelier still my heart
A Saint Patrick's Day wreath...which I do not have!

I have a thrift store addiction.

What do you hunt for at thrift stores?