Pillowcase Apron

In my recent thrifting hunts, I found some adorable vintage linens and bedding pieces. In love with the fabrics and detailing, I picked them up in hopes of recreating something fun and functional. I thought I was really on to something until I googled pillowcase aprons and realized I was not the first to come up with this fantastic idea...but I did notice a lot of the tutorials included cutting and measuring... Now, I know how to sew, but I am a lazy crafter. I hand crafted one apron from scratch, and it may be my last (this one and only could be yours!). Wanting something cute and easy I came up with this...(if you do not sew, you could easily use hemming tape...but I highly recommend that you learn as it is a very valuable skill! I just learned this summer and have been ever thankful for taking the time. Really all you need to learn is how to do a simple straight stitch and you are good to go!)

The pillowcase...up close and personal...

I simply took a piece of ribbon, cut it in half and stitched it to each side for the tie.

I hemmed the edges of the ribbon to keep it from raveling right away.

I then added a piece of the same ribbon to the bottom for a little stripe.After that I added a bow to the stripe for some super cuteness!Ta-da! Boy was that easy! Took me about a half an hour...no cutting, no measuring...just sewing on some ribbon...you can even hand stitch it if you want!

Do you have a crafty quickie?