Outdoor Organization: Trash

CIMG0246Excuse me, I mean recyclables…  So you know how I like everything pretty and organized?  Well this is the prettiest and most organized trash bins I have ever seen…(I am sure many of you could challenge me on this one though!)  Who knew garbage cans could be so photogenic? CIMG0239 Go ahead and write, stencil, whatever you want on to the cover.  I did mine with pencil. CIMG0241 Cover with paint.  I might as well have free-handed it…I practically did anyways…but I was nervous…  And feel free to paint on the carpet in the living room…just don’t tell anyone as non-free-spirited-crafters would not understand.  A wet rag cleans it up pretty quickly.CIMG0245

I am back from camp…have to unpack and dust the dirt off my whole body…

What do you do with your recyclables?