Wedding Banners

CIMG2311I have been making banners…CIMG2312In an hour I pulled out some leftover fabric…and some shimmery ribbon…and 40 feet later… CIMG2313…I have an easy and shabby white wedding banner.  Please note I did not prewash and left the edges frayed…my sewing instructor would probably faint if she knew my evil ways…CIMG2315I also threw together this “love”-ly little paper banner for the fence at the entrance of the reception sight.  I just about had it with the sewing machine by now…so I went for quick and easy.  I especially adore the font…CIMG2327 CIMG2328Whatever you call this white netting stuff…it is pretty much my most favorite thing in the world right now…adds such a simple pretty touch without much work…love wrapping presents with it. CIMG2330I love simple decorations that make small but bold statements.  Plus, I really love banners.