Christmas Fluffing Part 1: Winter Wonderland

CIMG9322There is something about a white Christmas that makes my heart pitter patter…now if only it would snow…CIMG9327CIMG9461 CIMG9342 CIMG9344CIMG9351 CIMG9352CIMG9354 CIMG9368 CIMG9369 CIMG9389 CIMG9399 CIMG9422CIMG9436 CIMG9437 CIMG9442 CIMG9444 CIMG9445 CIMG9446 CIMG9447 CIMG9449 CIMG9450 Stay tuned for Christmas Fluffing Part 2…full of color and whimsy!  And a post on frugal holiday tips is also coming your way with a little giveaway!!!  Make sure to check back for all the holiday fun!

And my wedding pictures are in. 

A post is in the making. 

I promise. 

Next week. 

No exceptions.


Joining these lovely ladies for their holiday parties:

The Nester’s Christmas Tour of Homes

Thrifty Decor Chick’s Oh Christmas Tree