The Essentials

_JLD1003 There was a quote I read at the gym the other day that got me thinking.  It said something like this…

Focus on the essentials.  Don’t shortchange the importance of your fitness. 

I really like this concept because it is easily applicable to all areas of life.  Just add in {life essential word of choice} for the word “fitness” and you have yourself a little motivation. 

I desire to focus on the essential things in my life.  I think it is often the nonessential things that I let creep in that sucks up all of my time and keeps me from doing the things I really want to do…or even really the things I need to do. 

This week I have definitely needed to focus on my “fitness” as I try to cut back thanks to the ever haunting holiday weight gain.  And I had to tell my self it is okay to sacrifice {fill in the blank} to get to a short term goal. 

Another essential is my housekeeping routine.  I have a system but have not been diligent in getting it done due to the holidays. 

And of course, the never ending work in progress of being the wife I need to be to my husband.  Definitely essential. 

The problem is often nonessential things can often be good things.  It is a matter of having to choose to say no to some of these things in order to get what needs to be done.

So while I focus on these few essentials in my life right now, in order to not shortchange myself, I am freeing myself from nonessential habits in order to meet the goals I have set before me.  How’s that for a New Year’s Resolution?

What are your essentials and nonessentials?


  1. Really good quote! Your post really has me thinking. I find myself that some of the things I love to do (crafting, traveling, creating) have really been put on the back burner for the nonessentials in my life - tv watching, internet surfing - lame things like that. But creating and crafting are the juices that fuel me - and I've been just pushing it away. Same with fitness/eating right too. That needs to get back in focus for me. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. The pictures on your blog are so beautiful, Very inspiring.

  3. I think it's a great post!! I have been thinking along the same lines lately,, what is important or essential and those that are not.. sometimes it's so hard to just do things that need or should be done and those that are not. You have me thinking some more.. thanks Ashley,,hope all is well with you... Have a good Thursday!!

  4. This one is a difficult one. I know it is essential for me to exercise in order to stop my weigh I don't end up morbidly obese. I am working part-time, so I have more free time than usual. I am loving it. My parents are elderly, but they are in a good place now...not so a while back. I have a lot of non-essential activities, such as online window shopping. I need to pare these activities down and concentrate on cleaning up the dog hair on a daily basis, so it doesn't affect my husband's health in a negative way. My husband has a mental list for me of things that he believes are essential for me to complete too(a lot of painting). We recently acquired I really need to watch a movie while doing "laundry?"

    I hope you are enjoying being a newlywed. Sometimes, getting married can cause a weight gain. Not sure why?

  5. Wow...great post, Ashley! This is something that weighs on my mind quite a bit. As a homemaker, I have so many things that "need" to get done on a daily basis, but a lot of the time, these things outweigh the real reason I am at home - - to be there for my children. One small change that I've made recently is that when one of my little guys says, "Mummy can you read this book to me?" or "Can you help me do this?" I stop what I am doing and I am available. I had gotten into the habit of saying, "In a minute" or "When I'm done doing such-and-such" -- so hard to maintain balance, for sure. I love the quote you included and I think that may just be getting taped up on the inside of my bathroom mirror today!

  6. For me it is essential that I have simple fun with my kids everyday. I want then to grow up and remember Mommy playing with them, teaching them to cook or doing a craft WITH them.

  7. You know, my mind is so confussed right now with Christopher being home and not returning to college out of town, but transfering to the local university. Now, my essentials have changed and I'm trying to get my brain around what they are.

  8. For me,
    cooking:seasoning, flour, sugar, meal, and oil

    house cleaning:vinegar, baking soda, borax, and lemon juice

    office: paper, pens, hole puncher, calculator, pc

    Thats just what I can think of for starters.

  9. One of my favorite quotes is "spend time on that which matters." Same idea - love it!

  10. Coffee.
    =) Ok kidding...
    Time with my little ones. So dear.

  11. What a wonderful thing to focus on for the new year!

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