Handmade Christmas Gifts

CIMG9671The holidays have come and gone and now I can finally show you the Christmas gifts I made this year without the fear of presents being revealed to the recipients.  CIMG9680This year we went homemade as to save money but still give quality gifts.  CIMG9665CIMG9655We try to be frugal but not cheap…which in all honesty, I consider an art. CIMG9687 {Mom and daughter matching aprons}CIMG9690 CIMG9691 I was happy with how they came out though cursing my sewing machine in the process was probably not the most enjoyable…CIMG9711CIMG9696 CIMG9700People say, “you should sell these!”  Nope, not me.  These are labored in love.  You could not pay me enough to go through such torture.  CIMG9705 CIMG9708 CIMG9710 Oh the things we do for Christmas.  Santa owes me big time.