Giveaway :: Chalkboard Adhesive {My New BFF}

CIMG0398I have these white Crate and Barrel containers from our wedding registry that are getting discontinued.  So I bought way too many so that I will have all I ever need for the rest of my life.  I think I might need one more…CIMG0400In the midst of my excitement, since I was going to have all the containers I ever needed for the rest of my life, I decided I needed to label them.  I have been putting this off as I am afraid of commitment.  I originally was going to print out vinyl letters…but too committal.  What if I wanted to change them?  So I went for chalkboard.  Chalkboard paint?  Too committal once again.  Especially if they are being discontinued.  So I searched for chalkboard adhesive.  Michael, Joann, you disappointed me.  But good ol’ internet has everything.  I found it all here.  6 feet of non-committal chalkboard adhesive with shipping and tax all around 13 buckaroos.  Sigh.CIMG0406It pretty much is black contact paper.  Advertised as chalkboard yet no where on the packaging said so.  I am beginning to think we can find it somewhere even cheaper.  Cut…stick…write…wipe off.  Easiest chalkboards I have ever made.  CIMG0407I even got my compass out to draw a circle.  And you thought your fifth grade teacher was crazy for making you use this thing.  Yes children, you will use this one day.

A chalkboard plate.  I never thought I would see this day.  Because I don’t blue tape and paint things.  Takes too long. CIMG0413Then I had these little frames I picked up awhile ago.  Just put the adhesive straight on the glass…so when I break up with it one day with my non-committal ways, it can still be a frame. CIMG0433And a little one hanging over my aprons in the kitchen…enough said!CIMG0438Exciting, huh?  As you can see I went a little chalkboard adhesive crazy.  But you can too!  One lucky reader is going to win some of this BFF action!  Basically I am going to cut some up…however I can to fit it in an envelope and send it to you!  How about that!  Go ahead and leave a comment below and I will pick a winner in a few days!  Get an extra entry by strutting my new fancy schmancy DF button, being a follower, blogging about this, tweeting this, or screaming about this giveaway in the grocery store!  Woo hoo!  Good luck! 

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