Week Off and Giveaway Winner

Due to certain computer technical difficulties, I have not been able to have very much Internet time...so fortunately I had weeks of posts lined up. But the time has come...I have ran out of posts and still have a non-working laptop screen. So needless to say, I am behind on blogging and following up on comments and am not sure when it will be working once again. So please excuse my absence and know it is simply computer problems.

Coincidentally, I have been looking forward to this week as I have taken the week off from blogging and housework to devote this week to digital scrapbooking. I even checked with my husband to make sure he was okay with my slacking on cleaning (minus the never ending laundry and dishes) to give all my total devotion to this project. I have already completed, ordered, and received our wedding album, which is also my first digi album. When my computer comes back from the dead, I will tell you all about it. I am making some serious progress and am getting the hang of this digital thing and am finding it is going to save me a lot of time and money!

Anyways, despite my week off, I thought I would check in. Oh...and also announce the chalkboard adhesive giveaway winner...Ocean's Blog! You too will now have a new BFF!!! Email me and I will get it sent to you...the next time I have Internet access! :)

Happy Easter and hope to be back soon! xoxo

{And I am sad to say, I think this might be my very first post without a picture...sad face}