Wedding Album :: My First Digital Scrapbook

CIMG0566I finally got a digital scrapbook finished, purchased, and printed…and it is changing my life.CIMG0569I ordered the book through Blurb that offers a free downloadable program to make your book with.  I wrote all about my long and extensive research here.  You can thank me later.  And let me just say that I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and price for the type of books I wanted to make (lots of big and full bleed pictures).CIMG0570It measures 13x11…here’s a photo of me, ecstatic, showing just how huge and amazing it is…CIMG0562I love how I am able to relive every moment through each of the pictures…(thanks, of course, to my amazing photographer).  CIMG0572 CIMG0573I originally was going to make each page in Photoshop but realized it was far too time consuming to get the amount of photos I have into books in a timely manner.  So instead I used the drag and drop feature of pre-existing layouts.  But for those like me who want to have a little more flexibility in the layouts, it also gives you the ability to edit and save layouts which better accommodates the look you are going for without too much extra work.   CIMG0574 CIMG0575It is 200 pages…I used just about 300 of my 500 available wedding pictures…I know, it is huge.  And I love it.  And for just around $100, I would say it is a killer of a deal for priceless memories.  CIMG0583 CIMG0584 My thumb…CIMG0586And my favorite part…the back cover.  Perfect.  CIMG0567Where are your wedding pictures hiding?