Knock Off Edible Arrangements

CIMG0784I don’t know about you but I sure cannot afford an Edible Arrangement, but I sure do think they are great.  I sometimes tell my husband I want to work there for a week so I can learn their tricks.  But I think this about a lot of jobs.  Any job for one week would probably be fun. 

I was not quite adventurous enough to make an arrangement…that would require much more planning.  But I did have a pineapple and I did have a flower cookie cutter.  I sliced the pineapple into circles and used the cookie cutter to cut out the flower shape.  So simple!  And to many of your guests, the fact that you took the time to cut your pineapple into a flower, will wow them enough.  

What fancy presentation tricks do you have when it comes to food?