Lemon and Raspberry Jam Cupcakes

CIMG0790I believe all things deserve to be pretty…and easy…CIMG0792 CIMG0793Mini Cupcakes:

-box of cake mix (lemon)



-strawberries CIMG0795All you need is a star tip and a simple round tip as well as a pastry or Ziploc bag.  Take the round tip and insert into cupcakes to fill the center with jam.  To make a star, use the star tip, press out some frosting and lift up and then let go.  Put it on a pretty plate.  CIMG0805CIMG0796Do you take the time to make pretty food?


  1. They look so easy and oh so yummy!

  2. you are just the cupcake queen!

  3. Once in a blue moon I take the time for presentation. Usually for company. With three kids I'm usually eating while I stand over the sink.

  4. No I have to say I don't but this is a good idea and super simple!

  5. You're killing me here! Pregnant girl sees food and wants to eat!! Yummy. Pretty. Good thing you don't live near me! ;) Or is that a bad thing??



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