My Lazy Painted Furniture

CIMG0894Over the past couple of years (has it already been 2 years that I have been blogging???) I have proudly shared my lazy painted furniture.  No sanding, no primer, no finish.  Just paint.  Well, for two years it has lasted.  It has served it’s purpose.  It has gotten chipped and aged in a way that fits our decor.  BUT, some of the paint has started to peel and wear away from my constant Lysol-ing.

So I am here to say, I have learned that my quick and impatient ways have come back to bit me in the behind.  I finally got myself to buy some more white paint to touch up the furniture one last time, and to coat the top with a finish.  It was not so bad considering that almost everything was already painted.  But had I done it right the first time I wouldn’t have to be writing this post. 

I cannot even tell you the name of the finish.  But it was from Wal-Mart, it’s water based, clear, and it leaves a lovely shine.  Yes, I often go to Wal-Mart for many of my painting needs.  I said I was becoming less lazy, not less cheap. ;)

What shortcuts do you take (and have possibly regretted)?