Semi-Homemade Lace Flower Necklace

CIMG0971I have said it once and I will say it again.  I love fabric flowers.  One day I will write about making my own.  But until then there are so many inexpensive ones out there that are so easy to jazz up.  CIMG0959I love that there are flowers on necklaces now too.  It’s like an accessory on top of an accessory.  And I love accessories!  I found these three strands of necklaces ($1 each at a flee market) and a lacey flower pin (also $1).  I took the hair clip part of the flower and clipped it on the necklaces.   CIMG0986And there you have it…a $4 spectacular flower necklace.  Cannot beat that.  CIMG0965CIMG0976  What type of accessories do you love?