Father’s Day Treat Baskets

CIMG8905The key to a man’s heart is his stomach, right?  I put together some fun little treat baskets for my dad and father-in-law for Father’s Day.CIMG8903I reused some glass jars which were previously tomato sauce, peanuts, salsa, etc.  I throw the empty glass jars in the dishwasher when they are empty and use them for organizing my craft stuff.  If they are extra potent it helps to let them air out for a couple days.  CIMG8887I cut out scrap pieces of fabric in squares just a bit larger than the jar lids and tied tulle around the lid to hold the fabric on.  I then took some circle shaped scrapbooking stickers and wrote Father’s Day greetings to label the jars.  CIMG8897Super easy, frugal, and tasty!

What do you give to the fathers in your life on Father’s Day?