Fashionista Friday :: What I Have Been Wearing

I love fashion.  I also love my sweat pants.  I recently decided I needed to step up my fashion a bit.  I have some really cute things but I also really love to lounge around in my workout clothes all day.  So in order to hold myself accountable a bit, I thought I’d show you what I have been wearing.  I will also be sharing where I buy everything along with a price range.  I hope that by holding myself accountable to being more of a fashionista I will also encourage women to shop more thrifty.  CIMG8762Work Day

Gray Shirt: sister-in-law hand me down

Jean Vest: JC Penny’s w/ coupon

Skirt: New York and Company—store closing sale (everything in the store was $5.99)

Shoes: Ross

Necklace: Flee market $1 (same place as this)

Purse: Thrift storeCIMG8774 Work Day: Field Day w/ the kids

Shirt: sister-in-law hand me down

Roxy Hoodie: thrift store

Black shorts: Wal-Mart

Shoes (not shown but worthy of sharing): REI garage sale—over 50% off on quality shoes (become a member and have member only access to garage sales with killer deals on all kinds of outdoor stuff. people are really serious about this and line up in front of the store before the sale. it’s very exciting throwing elbows and grabbing as much as you can hold in your arms. I think I grabbed every shoe in a size 8 before anyone else could so I could have first dibs on trying them on. people hate people like me.)CIMG8841 At the Gym:

Striped Shirt: thrift storeCIMG8843 Flag halter: thrift store

Workout pants: Victoria’s Secret ($20-30)—semi-annual sale (January and June).  yes, I buy my workout pants at VS.  they are surprisingly very comfortable, breathable, and flattering.  and if you wait for the semi-annual sale, they are pretty reasonable with other name brand workout pants.  if you work out regularly, you can attest to the importance of good work out clothes.  and I am a firm believer that if you look good you will work out harder. :)

My Clothes Shopping Philosophy:

-Never pay full price unless it is AMAZING.

-Shop discount brand name stores: Ross, Marshall’s, TJ-Maxx, outlets.

-Use a coupon, wait for it to go on sale, shop the clearance racks, sign up to become a member, get coupons via mail and email.

-Give thrift stores a try.  They have really cute stuff.  I promise.

-I prefer quantity over quality and I change my mind a lot.  One day I may adapt the buy just the essentials in a really quality piece.  But until then I like lots of options and colors and cuts.  I just try to take good care of my cheap clothes by hand washing and being my own seamstress.

What is your clothes buying philosophy?