Photo Taking Tips For Those of Us Without Big Expensive Cameras :: Mendocino Vacation

CIMG0988I had the privilege of heading to the beautiful coast of Mendocino with some girlfriends.  I wouldn’t consider myself a beach bum but there is something about the ocean that speaks to my inmost being.  CIMG0992While I was there I was able to take some beautiful pictures of the surroundings.  Nothing like nature to inspire some photo taking creativity.CIMG0999If you are like me…you have a simple digital camera and envy and covet anyone with a big expensive camera that takes amazing pictures without them even trying.  Yes, I have some bitter feelings about this.CIMG1003But I try to not let it stop me from taking amazing, breathtaking pictures.  I believe with the proper camera and creative knowledge, anyone can take a good picture with whatever type of camera they have.  So here is my unprofessional opinion on picture taking:CIMG1024Lighting: the more light the better.  Natural light is always best.  If you don’t have natural light, turn on as many lights as you can to make your setting as bright as possible.  I try to barely ever use my flash unless it is pitch dark.  The flash gives off much harsher lighting and only focuses in on one thing.   But when not using your flash, make sure to hold the camera still to keep from getting blurry pictures.  CIMG1025CIMG1032Angle: You would be surprised that by simply changing your angle a picture can be totally different.  Get up close to your object, move around, and snap away.  You will find as you try this you will be familiar with flattering angles.  Don’t be afraid to take lots of pictures.  It is by taking many that you get one good one…learn this from the professionals.  This not only applies to objects but people.  I love getting up close pictures of faces, especially children’s. CIMG1039CIMG1058Macro setting: You should most likely have this setting on your camera.  On mine it is the little flower.  Macro helps you focus up close on an object, giving it a crisp clear picture.  I always have my camera set on macro when I am taking pictures of objects that are shown on my blog.  I am telling you, by simply using this setting, it will change your life.  The picture below is an example of what you can do with the macro setting.  Focus in on an object that you want to come out clear (usually by pushing down the picture taking button half way, it will focus your picture before you take it) and the background will come out blurred.CIMG1135CIMG1072Take lots of pictures:  The more you take, the more likely you are going to get a great picture.  But ultimately, you will become more familiar with your camera and gain more experience with how to use it and what looks good.   CIMG1073CIMG1078Be inspired:  Be inspired by the beauty around you…nature, your home, your loved ones.  Let the beauty of life that surrounds you be captured.CIMG1087CIMG1099Create memories:  I would not love picture taking or do it as often if I did not love it.  I don’t just love it for the art of it, I love it for the memory making.  I hold on to memories of special moments through pictures.  I put my photos on the walls, in albums, and on my blog.  Because pictures are so important to me, I take the time and effort to try to capture them to their full potential.        CIMG1102 CIMG1117 CIMG1120 CIMG1122 CIMG1131CIMG1142Happy picture taking!