Summer Eats

CIMG8824Summer is here.  And I could not be more excited about the plentiful amounts of produce surrounding me at the grocery store, on the side of the street, and even in my own home.  CIMG8826I am very proud of my little tomatoes that have just started to pop up.  This is my first time every really planting anything and successfully keeping it alive!  We decided to plant each individual tomato plant in these big pots I got at Ikea.  We are still in the works on deciding what we want to do with our backyard lay out so for now these mini gardens are easy to move around and serve as a temporary home for my tomaters.CIMG8816Along with produce I am also learning from Sandra Lee how to grill—indoors and out.   CIMG8821And I am checking out lots of books like this one from the library on how to make my garden and summer produce last us months from now.  CIMG8811And speaking of…if you happen to buy apples in these little plastic things…save them!  Christmas ornament storage!

What are you cooking up this summer?