Rice Krispy Treats Remake :: Easiest Dessert Ever

CIMG8858One of my go to I-need-some-sugar-or-we-have-last-minute-guests treat are rice krispy treats.  But not the snap crackle pop kind.  Pretty much any cereal that you love will work in this recipe. 

Spray a microwave bowl with cooking spray.

Microwave marshmallows (30 secs-1 minute increments until they get giant and fluffy.

Spray wooden spoon with cooking spray.

Add cereal and other mix-ins and stir until a somewhat even marshmallow to cereal ratio.  Just keep on adding until it is as sticky or not sticky as you want it. 

Dump into pan sprayed with cooking spray to harden.  Or to eat out of while it is still warm like I like to do: CIMG8855Mix-ins:

-cereal (we love fruit loops or lucky charms=double marshmallows!)

-chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter chips (great with non-sugar cereals like chex)

-pretzels or nuts (gotta love a little sweet a little salty)



-peanut butter!!!

What is your easy to make-on a time crunch dessert?