Fashionista Friday :: Tuck That Shirt In!

I was inspired recently to give the whole tuck in my shirt thing a chance.  I used to think tucked in shirts were either for girls who were stick thin or those tucking them into mom jeans.  Neither am I striving after. 

So I found a happy medium.  The key here is a high waist (but not quite empire) and a thick waistband.  The thick waistband helps hold everything down and limits the ever dreadful muffin top.  Plus big belts are also very forgiving over where the tuck in goes on.  So go ahead, give the whole tuck your shirt in thing a chance!  It can dress down or dress up your skirt (or pants) depending on the type of shirt you are wearing.  As you can see, this is my new favorite fashionista staple. :)CIMG9535White tank: Old Navy—I love finding my tank top staples here.  So many colors, sizes, and styles at a pretty reasonable price.

Blue Skirt: JC Penny w/ coupon—I am not a huge JC Penny fan but you may notice I have a lot from there.  My mom gets special coupons and takes me shopping.  Can’t say no to that!  Thanks mom!

Green belt:  I want to say thrift store but it is so old I just don’t remember :) CIMG9739Lace Shirt: Thrift store—Charlotte Rousse brand.  It had a belt on it I didn’t like…it hit me at the wrong part of my waist.  The joys of buying thrift…buy it and rip that darn belt off!

Black Skirt: JC Penny w/ coupon.  Thanks mom!

Shoes: As you can see, I gave up on the shoes (I’m too short and our bedroom space is too small).  They are usually flip flops in the summer so I will only include a photo if they are super cute noteworthy.CIMG9619CIMG9622Blue Stripped Skirt: Roxy/Quicksilver Outlet—I want to say it was super cheap, like $3!

Brown Belt: thrift store  CIMG9766Grey shirt w/ Flowers: Ross $7.99

Black Zipper Front Skirt: Victoria’s Secret Pink—on sale for $20 w/ a $10 off coupon plus free panty!  If you do not get VS coupons in the mail or email, sign up!  I no longer buy myself underwear because their coupons have gotten me stocked with free ones!  I must also mention I only buy bras there because of a weird elastic allergy…I know TMI.  So I do shop there somewhat regularly, making all the coupons worth getting.  If you do not already shop there, the coupons might just get you to shop for things you don’t necessarily need.  But please note, if you start wearing quality bras, it really is a treat and you won’t want to go back! ;)  But between their sales, coupons, and items online, you can get a really quality product for a middle of the road cost…I rarely pay full price there. 

Headband you can barely see (It has an adorable Burberry pattern): Flee market—flee markets are great places for cheap and funky accessories.  For how often I lose, break, or the jewelry goes out of style, paying much more than a $1 is out of the question for me. 

So…do you tuck…or untuck?