I Love Flowers

CIMG0071My mother (the florist) recently sent me home with this.  Apparently every Monday they go through their flowers from the following week and throw out quite a bit of it to replenish with new flowers for the week.  And I obviously have been unaware of this.  Free flowers, yes please.   CIMG0075 There is something about fresh flowers that add so much life and color to a room.  You can never go wrong.  Except for if you let them die and leave them out still.  Dead flowers in a pretty vase are very wrong.  CIMG0076 I used to think growing up that I didn’t care for flowers much because I grew up always being around them.  I have proven myself wrong.  I think I appreciate them even more.  CIMG0078 CIMG0080CIMG0084 Thanks Mom!CIMG0086 What is your favorite flower?  I like daisies and hydrangeas.