New Addition to the Family

DSC_0159You can imagine my excitement…

It was a group birthday effort…

My dear husband and fabulous family all chipped in…

Watch out world…

Crazy camera lady got an upgrade…

*Nikon D90


  1. Very nice! Have fun with it! The D90 takes video too, right?

  2. Ok, I don't hate you. I'm just jealous. and here is with my hubs will chip in telling me I have 3 cameras (2 of them Nikon) but still I've been dreaming of either the D40 or D90

  3. Lucky girl!!! I would love a new camera... sigh, one day. Enjoy your fun new toy! Happy clickin'! Or, happy snappin'!

  4. Niiiiiiiiice. I can see the difference already!

  5. Lucky you!!!! That's the camera I want. Cute pic, crazy camera lady! :)

  6. ohhhhh eeeemmmmm GEEEEEEEEE!!! (squeeaaaaalllling in excitement for you)!!!!
    i am sooo jealous! you lucky duck!
    enjoy your new family member! xo

  7. Hey, thats the one I want too! YAY for you! :)

  8. Yay!! Amazing gift! So happy for you girl! :)

  9. so fun! very happy for you. my now hubby then boyfriend went together with my family without me knowing my first birthday we were together and bought me my first digital camera! Kelly


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