Living Room Painted :: How to Paint Vertical Stripes

DSC_0635 It all started with choosing between these two paint colors.  Painting them both on the wall helped me realize the colors looked fantastic together.  The result?  Stripes.  So I painted the whole room in the lighter blue shade…DSC_0641 Once the room was painted, my handy husband provided us with a chalk string.  It is a spool of string in a container of chalk (shaped kind of like measuring tape).  We lined up the string to our measuring marks on the top and bottom of the wall.  Pull the string back…snap…straight perfect chalk line.  DSC_0648We then used the chalk line as a guide to tape.  The problem?  Our tape ended up having too many gaps against the textured wall.  So my dear and patient mother hand painted down each line with a steady hand.  Next time…better tape.  My brother and sister in law swear by the Alligator brand.  Any thoughts? DSC_0652The other problem we found was that there was not a very long amount of time for the blue coat to dry (all was painted the same day).  Between that and the fact that our chalk was red, we had a really hard time wiping off the red chalk lines when we were done.  Perhaps if we let the paint dry longer OR if we used white chalk, it wouldn’t have been as much of a problem.  We are letting the paint cure for a couple weeks before we go to scrub at it again…but even with little hints of it on the wall, it is barely noticeable. 

And this is how we continued to survive as the paint dried…DSC_0656And the finished product…striped bliss… DSC_0890Please excuse my empty frames…haven’t decided what is going to go in them yet…DSC_0894 Curtains from Ikea…DSC_0895 DSC_0897 DSC_0902 DSC_0904Paint Colors:

Grey Stripe: Glidden Pebble Grey GLN50

Light Blue Stripe: Glidden Quiet Rain GLC33

Gallery Wall: Glidden French Grey GLN47

Advice on painting stripes?