Coffee Filter Snowball Tutorial

This was posted over at Ducks in a Row a few weeks ago, but in case you missed it, here it is…DSC_0298-1This year I decided to add some few new snowy touches to my holiday decor.  I looked to simple supplies I had around the house to make a snowy snowball.  DSC_0295For this project I used:

-Coffee Filters

-Styrofoam Ball (Depending on the size you want consider the coffee filters will stick up about an extra 2 inches off the ball)

-Sewing pins (or glue)DSC_0308 Pinch each coffee filter in the center so it forms a flower shape.DSC_0311 Secure the coffee filter onto the styrofoam ball with either a pin or glue.  I prefer the pins if you have an abundance of them like I do because they make the project must faster and less messy.DSC_0315 To hang the snowball I pinned a piece of ribbon to the styrofoam.  I pin in two pins, one angled to the right and the other angled to the left to have a secure hold.  Because the ball is so light, it should be able to hold the weight.  DSC_0319 Keep on pinching and pinning the coffee filters until you get a glorious, snowy, white snowball. DSC_0323And to make adorable white snowy ornaments, use a teeny tiny styrofoam ball!