Reclaiming Me

DSC_0011-1 It has been one of those days

One of those weeks

One of those months

Nothing terrible has happened but I have been in a slump



And have lost sight of my priorities

I preach here about loving your husband and homes first

And here I was sucking at it

I became obsessed with my own agenda

One minded

Unaware of the needs around me

Focused on how other’s can better me or help me to get ahead

And then I finally broke down

In Pier 1

While the sales lady tried to tell me all about the wonderful things they have in the store

They didn’t even have the Santa apron I came for

All this to say,

I went home


Had a hot shower

Ate two slices of cinnamon raisin bread

Got dressed

Put on my new scarf

And allowed myself to be the me I am meant to be

It is time to clean the house

It is time to give my husband my full attention

It is time to stop being so judgmental of others

I need to no longer pressure myself to be the best

To always be comparing myself to others

It is time to reclaim me.



What do you need to reclaim?


  1. Oh Ashley,, it must be the season..the weather, something in the air. I feel the same way. I've been cut back on hours at work and only am working 13 hours per week:(
    It's been a tough place to be. I feel like I'm not pulling my weight around here and that my husband has the full burden of our marriage on this shoulders. I think we both need to pray A LOT and ask God to help us through this know HE will.. we just have to ask. It's normal to slip and stumble.. get up wipe off and start a fresh!! HUGS to you!! Tracey

  2. Thanks for your post Ashley! You don't know how many people you touch thru your blog. You make me smile each day!

    I can't think of anywhere better to have an epiphany than in Pier One! Repositioning our priorities should be a daily practice and you so eloquently (sp?) reminded us.


  3. I reclaim my 'me time'...I have a tendency to overwork, outdo, and overplan myself with other non-necessary things!

  4. I reclaim my 'me time'...I have a tendency to overwork, outdo, and overplan myself with other non-necessary things! Sounds selfish I know, but sometimes I need ME time. :) Prayer always gets us back on track!

  5. I reclaim my 'me time'...I have a tendency to overwork, outdo, and overplan myself with other non-necessary things! Sounds selfish I know, but sometimes I need ME time. :) Prayer always gets us back on track!

  6. I think many of us young wives and mothers feel this often. Here I was not even a week ago complaining about getting married and having kids so early and not making time for myself and then a good friend of mine revealed her struggle to have a child, made me realize how blessed I am... and how perfectly God timed everything in my life. I need to reclaim my "quiet time". I know its so important but I melt my free time away in front of the tv instead.

  7. I am trying to reclaim my "happy". This is a difficult time for many people and I always struggle at this time of year for various reasons. I'm glad you had your revelation and are working on reclaiming yourself and your promises to yourself. It's not an easy thing to do, but I can tell you are determined and will succeed. I haven't been by in awhile and I'm glad I stopped by today. You made me realize that everyone has SOMETHING they are trying to reclaim and we all need to help each other. Ann

  8. I LOVE this! It puts everything back in to perspective. I had a little break down retrieving my dog in the back yard today. Can I link this post on my blog? Pretty, pretty please?

  9. Thank you.
    I appreciate your honesty & inspiration in this post...great reminder--even as a NOT new mother & wife. <3

  10. Ashley, I'm due with my second child any day now. And your words, your honest and vulnerable words really touched my heart and hit home.

    I'm realizing how little I forgive myself. Why is it easier to forgive others but then when it comes to us we feel like we should have gotten it we shouldn't be in need of a Savior....

  11. I need a "like" button. :)

    I've been going through much the same. With college, I feel like I am completely ignoring my husband and home. He pulls all the weight during projects/tests...makes me feel awful.


  12. very cool, i've been feeling off-center myself lately, good, good thoughts, hope you're feeling better!

  13. your post touched me. thank you.
    a couple days ago i found myself feeling "lost" - to be honest i felt guilty for feeling that way especially with all of the holiday decorations around me. -a cup of cocoa and a hug from my mister began my therapy.
    i'm glad you were able to reclaim yourself.

  14. I think us girls just have to do that every once in awhile ;) You know I think sometimes it's hard to be part of the bloggy world. So much potential for creative ideas and connection with wonderful wommen . . . but also comparing youself to everyone else. What you want, what you don't have, what you want to be and aren't. But our true beauty is in our uniqueness! I think you do a wonderful job at expressing yourself. I agree, our true focus should be on those we love . . . that's where true happiness lies. Good luck with reclaiming yourself! But I can't imagine you getting any better ;)

  15. Must be in the water...I just had a nervous breakdown last week and it wasn't pretty. I'm still trying to get it over it and get back to sleeping because I haven't even done that...sometimes we just need to have an epiphany to makes us move forward.


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