Getting Back in it After the Holidays

DSC_0852-1 This year I do not feel compelled to make resolutions.  Rather, it is January, the holidays are over and it is time to get back on track.  Something about the holidays that makes you eat more, spend more, and get less organized. 

I spent New Year’s Eve plugging in receipts to our spending spreadsheet (my husband was on the couch with strep throat…so much for having New Years Eve dinner guests).  And I realized just how much we spent.  But it is okay.  We entertained, we purchased creative but inexpensive gifts, and we let loose for the sake of the season we were in. 

My body is also finally getting back to normal.  I am less bloated and have forced myself to throw any holiday cookies we had lying around the house.  My gym classes are back to their normal schedule. 

The Christmas decor is getting put away and I am able to tackle some projects that I put off (including my much needed regular cleaning routine).

So I am here not to say that I have a new grocery bill goal, or that I am trying to lose five pounds (though I am…but it is more of a lifelong maintenance plan that a NY resolution), or that I have some new housekeeping routine I am going to try.  Rather I am going to put the holidays behind me, move forward, and refocus on a new season.  There is too much laundry and a sick husband I need to tend to.  No time for resolutions.  I am more of an all year around goal maker anyways.  Here is to lifelong balance and another blessed year of life! 

Anyone else feeling this way???

What is your take on resolutions this year?  Just because I do not have any doesn’t mean I do not want to know what yours are!


Don’t forget!  Tomorrow is the linky party for “Top Ten Moments of 2010.”  Link up a post sharing ten of your favorite events that happened this last year.  No need to share fancy projects (unless you want to!)…and feel free to just share about life!  How have you been blessed this year?  How have you grown?  Share it!

And I have the Linky all set to go but do not trust it will make it up on it’s own since this is my first try.  I will check it in the morning (it will go live much earlier for you east coasters)…so if it is not up, please come back later to link up…as I might have to play with it!  But who knows, it might just work!  Cross your fingers!