Top Ten Moments of 2010

As a new year is upon us, I like to look back at what 2010 brought.  I am amazed at just how much we did in our first year of marriage and it makes me excited for the many more years to come.  We have been blessed and I am so thankful for that!

So I invite you today to link up (and over the next few days) your “Top Ten Moments of 2010.”  This is my first linky link up…I hope I don’t mess it up…and I hope at least ONE of you won’t leave me hanging and link up!  Wink. Wink.

11. 6th month anniversary: We celebrated our sixth month wedding anniversary with a weekend getaway to Lake Tahoe. 

2. My 26th birthday in San Francisco: We spent the day roaming the streets of San Fran…dreaming of Louis Vuitton…

3. Put in a garden: Digging in the dirt we planted our first garden, full of flowers, plants, and tomatoes. 2 4. Outdoor Movie Nights: Many nights with wonderful and available friends, watching our favorite movies on the big screen. 

5. Our New Camera: My baby…life has never been so beautiful or clear…

6. One Year Wedding Anniversary: We made it!  We celebrated frugally, at Disneyland, and returning to the lighthouse where we got engaged.  3 7. Growing Relationships: Meeting new friends at a new church and growing our relationships with our neighbors, we have been blessed by the many people in our lives. 

8. Weddings: Many family and friends tied the knot this year…we couldn’t be happier for them!

9. New Nephews: Two new nephews in the family have brought so much joy {and cuteness}!

10. Walks with my husband: I love living life with my best friend!  It has been a wonderful year!

What are your Top 10 Moments of 2010?  Your turn to link up! 

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