Deceptively Delicious :: Chili

As I cook through Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook, Deceptively Delicious, I have been sticking to one vegetable puree at a time.  You may have noticed that almost all of my recipes so far have been made with carrot puree.  Just like I would menu plan for any food we eat, I try to use up the ingredients we have in the house or are buying for week.  My last DD recipe was turkey tacos…so naturally a few days later I used up the rest of the ground turkey to make DD chili.
Since I did not take pictures during the cooking process, you get to enjoy a snapshot from a typical Sunday dinner with my parents.  I think this day my mom helped me paint while my dad entertained my husband.  Tucked in the corner of our table are plates I am trying to sell on Craigslist.  The house was a mess but we could still enjoy some chili and cornbread.  I love that they are always trying to amuse me and my blogging ways!
The chili included ground turkey, kidney beans, carrot puree, tomatoes, flaxseed, and cornmeal…and it was extremely filling.  Cornbread recipe from America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook.
What do you like to add to your chili?  I love corn in mine.