Katie Jean :: Roseville Antique Market Highlight

Katie Jean :: {vintage girly fun}
When I think of Katie Jean, I think of color, vintage, whimsy…and just plain adorable.  I had the opportunity to visit Katie in her home to see her work space and pieces she is working on for the Roseville Antique Market {I met her at last year’s fall show, was drawn to her colorful booth, and was inspired by her vintage style for my sister in law’s baby shower}. 
What I love about Katie is that she is your typical normal everyday mom and wife…but with an amazing passion and skill for sewing.  I was encouraged just to sit down and talk about balancing family life and business…and was so grateful to share in that common connection.  I love when blogging and real life collide {sigh}.
I also appreciate her real life craft space.  This is where she works on new pieces for her shop but also uses it to teach her daughter and all her little friends how to sew.   What a treat for her daughter to be a part of Katie’s passion and business. 
Speaking to Katie, I was exposed to a whole new world of fabric.  Hearing about buying fabric, finding fabric that is no longer being made, and where to find vintage fabric…it all was so interesting!  It was so fun to hear her passion for picking out fabric and how she falls in love with a piece and will buy it having no idea what she will do with it!  She says the fabric inspires her and tells her what to make with it!  Love that!
I was also pretty jealous to hear that she gets a lot of inspiration from her creative sisters {no sisters for me!}.  They often send her ideas and tell her she needs to “Katie Jean it.” 
One of her favorite projects right now are her doll quilts.  These quilts are the perfect size for dolls, babies, or even using as a decorative piece.  She shared she was always been a bit intimidated by large quilts, but has been having a lot of fun giving it a try on these cute small ones.  She stated she has found that she really enjoys the symmetry of it…something she never knew about herself.  I love when the creative juices stem into learning new things about ourselves!
And one of my favorites?  These adorable little tea cup pin cushions…feel free to buy one and send it to me {wink}!
I love Katie Jean’s ability to play with color…and her mix of vintage and new.  The mix of old fashioned with modern gives her items a fun and unique look. 
Please stop by and tell Katie hello and that you are visiting from Domestic Fashionista!
Katie Jean Website
Etsy Store
And if you are a local reader, Katie also teaches sewing classes in Loomis, California, for kids and adults.  Visit The Tin Thimble for more information.
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If you live near the Sacramento area and are interested in checking out the Roseville Antique Market, visit the hosts, the Tattered House, to find more information. 
Roseville Antique Market
Sunday, April 17
8am – 4pm
If you are planning to attend, I would love to meet you!  Shoot me an email so we can make sure to meet up!