Deceptively Delicious :: Hamburgers

This week’s recipe for my Deceptively Delicious series was hamburgers.  The burger was made up of ground turkey and carrot puree.  It was pretty good…lots of good flavor, but I struggled with the consistency.  The vegetable puree makes the burger taste very veggie burgerish which I am not the biggest fan of. 
I also made some homemade fries which are a—I have a whole bunch of extra potatoes I need to use up—staple.  I simply cut them up, mix them in a bowl or ziploc bag with extra virgin olive oil and spices {usually either salt, pepper, and garlic powder OR Red Robin seasoning—did you know you can buy it from the restaurant?  It is amazing!}
Read more of my Deceptively Delicious meals.  Better yet, buy the book!
I love swapping out ground turkey for ground beef.  What recipes do you swap beef for turkey?  {I am a big fan of Sandra Lee’s apple turkey burger with a maple mustard sauce from her Grilling cookbook}