Keeping It Real :: Our Side of the Road Couch

Just a little post talking about priorities.  This is what our free side of the road couch looks like under the slip cover.  And it looks pretty darn good in this photo thanks to an expensive camera and that I just re-touched up the duct tape. 
Anyways, proof that you can do wonders with junk.  It really is about the curves of the couch.  And because we choose to not spend a lot of money on things like couches we have money to spend on things we need…and on a lifestyle that allows me to be at home. 
And in case you are stopping by for the first time today, a not very good angled photo of the couch, proving it really is nice when covered up.  Didn’t want to scare anyone away today!
What do you cut back on in home d├ęcor to save money?
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  1. I'd say it looks awesome! And free makes it Super Awesome! ;)
    I am constantly looking at Home Depot and Lowes for Oops paint.

  2. I didn't know you got that couch from the side of the road...or maybe I just don't remember it. I think it looks great slip covered. I buy a lot of small decor things from WM's Better Homes & Gardens line, or from Target. I also makeover thrift store finds, and I use coupons on fabric from JoAnn's for projects...instead of custom stuff. :)

  3. I'm a HomeGoods junkie and am always willing to put in some elbow grease to get it how I want it!

  4. You "re-touched" up the duct tape!!! still laughing over that one!!!

    I simply REFUSE TO BUY RETAIL. I can't afford it, and when I can, I feel wasteful. I love what I have. I have more than I need. I love giving back and paying forward. So much better for my soul!

    I have slipcovers on my chairs that used to slip out from around the cushions. A friend told me to roll up a thin magazine and hold it with 3 or 4 wide rubber bands, then push it down in the crease. Works like a charmto keep my slips from slipping!!!!

  5. Instead of buying expensive bookcases, or buying cheap ones that disintegrate with every move, we decided to do this:

    It's way cheaper and you can move it easily and it's the sturdier choice.


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