Deceptively Delicious :: Mac and Cheese {Again}

This week’s Deceptively Delicious recipe was mac and cheese…I know, I shared mac and cheese a few weeks ago but Jessica has two mac and cheese recipes.  And they are both delicious.  Especially this one…with cream cheese! 
The puree in this recipe is squash.  And you would never know.  Creamy-delicious.  And cheesy.  It tasted too good to believe I was getting a serving of veggies as well. 
Being lactose intolerant I swapped out some non-dairy options.  If you have non-dairy eaters or just want to cut down on the fat, swapping out for lactose free items are a great choice.  I swap almost any dairy product with what I have…and in most cases the recipe stills comes out great!  The only item I do not swap is heavy cream…I usually just don’t make the recipes due to the high calorie and fat factor.  There are plenty of other recipes out there that I can make without all the guilt!
For this recipe I used soy cheese, Tofutti cream cheese, and original almond milk {I usually use vanilla Almond Breeze because it only has 45 calories but the vanilla taste does not always work with certain flavors}.
Read more of my Deceptively Delicious meals.  Better yet, buy the book!
All this cheese talk…what is your dairy filled guilty pleasure?  Mine is definitely cheddar cheese.  I could eat the whole brick!