Gussy Tote Bag :: Photo Shoot

I recently won a sweet giveaway over at my favorite blog.  It was for a very generous credit to a long time coveted item :: The Gussy Tote Bag.  I was one happy girl.  And as you will see I just love-love-love it.  Oh Gussy…you make us ruffle girls swoon. 
Gussy Bag1
The bag is pretty perfect for anything and everything.  But I especially love that it screams sunshine. 
And I must say Gussy is a pretty big deal.  She is like the designer handbag maker of blog world.  All the biggest celebrities are carrying one. 
Gussy Bag
The bag is beautiful…totally quality sewing…and I get a compliment EVERY time I carry it.  Enough said.
Oh, and my outfit you ask?
Hat: Wal-mart $10 men’s section—they have one in the women’s but didn’t like it as much {I recently saw a movie where Katherine Hiegel was wearing one.  You know the one where she adopts her friends baby?  Well, she looked pretty adorable so I had to copy!}
Stripped tank: Target clearance
Sweater: thrift
Skirt: Sear’s swimsuit cover up!
Belt: Charlotte Rousse
Camera Strap: Polka Dot Bungalow
Shoes: Payless Shoes
Thanks Gussy!  I am in L-O-V-E!  If you have not met Gussy yet, stop by her shop or blog.  Her blog is pretty darn cute. {wink}
What do you drool over in blogland?


  1. Cute bag! Her blog is adorable, too!

  2. You look so pretty!!! Nice bag too :)

  3. Congrats on the new bag, it's lovely!
    p.s. love the hat too!!

  4. Ok, Ashley, it's official, I'm just going to start duplicating all of your ensembles!! You're always so put together! Super cute bag too! :-)

  5. You are so cute!! I love the way you dress. Cute bag too!


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