Backyard Movie Night Returns

One of our favorite summertime activities is hosting movie nights in our backyard.  We put out blankets, roast marshmallows, and pull out our popcorn maker.  This is basically how we make and keep friends. wink.
The weather has been really weird this summer so we have only put this on twice so far.  We are hoping to fit a few more in before the summer is over. 
Lanterns, white lights, and a blazing fire pit are the perfect ambiance for movies under the stars.
I have gotten a lot of questions about how we put on movie night so here is a little more info on the technicalities:
-The projector and screen were bought for our wedding slide show.  Something my husband has wanted for years.  It is pretty legit as for the quality, but I couldn’t tell you more than that.  Because it was for our wedding, we could rationalize spending a couple hundred dollars on the system, and obviously, it is getting put to good use!  Depending on how quality of a picture you want will determine how expensive it all gets.  We also have things like speakers and output cables lying around which make the whole thing work together.  We bought ours from Fry’s {on sale, of course, you must do your research!} which has a wide selection and price ranges.  Basically, my husband understands it all and is willing to set it up which makes movie night happen.
-When we put in a new sprinkler system and garden against our back fence last summer, my husband ran electrical as well.  This allows us to have lights and hanging lanterns all over our yard without having to run a bunch of extension chords {though we do have a few}.
-We take the time each spring to put this all up to enjoy all summer.  My husband and parents are very patient and helpful to lend a hand to set everything up each year.  My husband also loves to entertain so he puts up with my decorating perfectionism.  Come winter, we take it all down. 

What is your favorite summer activity?