Old Soul Studios Yard Sale

My friend Jacque recently hosted an Old Soul Studios yard sale, selling some of her excess inventory.  What a dream come true to be invited to a yard sale of beautiful finds at amazing prices. 
Before I show you all the goods, I first must show you a pretty amazing little gift I got in the mail from Jacque, just in time to wear for her sale…
I know…I just about died opening it up.  A spoon tag necklace!  My first personalized Domestic Fashionista anything!  What a treasure and so thoughtful of Jacque for making it for me.  I have so much enjoyed networking with her and supporting her business through blogging {and shopping}!
The sale was set up in her lovely lush backyard.  Flowers and plants were blooming while eager women enjoyed their Sunday morning shopping spree.
So much to see and buy…I came how with some very lovely things…a big beautiful flag just in time for the 4th…
Some sweet little greenish blue vintage jewelry boxes…
Gorgeous trunks for storing all my junk…
And some small little items…
That got hung on my gallery wall in our dining room…
* * * * * *
I was a bit MIA last week…if you are following me on Facebook or Twitter, you know I had a big yard sale this weekend and got a new computer.  So while I work out the kinks of getting everything back together, I have lots to show in the next few weeks!


  1. Gosh, this time I am so glad I'm no where near, there where already a few things I wanted just from the pictures. And that necklace is to die for, love it. I hope you are enjoying the new imac, mine has been such an enjoyment

  2. OH I about died looking at all her goodies!
    And what a beautiful, and thoughtful gift! I love it!
    Wear it proud girl! :)

  3. You really found some really great pieces!! I love the gallery wall in your dining room--so beautiful!

  4. Yard sales are really great opportunities to find a lot of cool stuff for a very low price. I wish there were a yard sale near my place... sure could use some 'new' old stuff!

  5. What a thoughtful gift! That's a friend to have around!

  6. LOVE that gift...and I'm literally turning green from jealousy over that yard sale. They don't make 'em like that where I'm from...I'll probably dream of it tonight!

  7. Ashley, thank you for such a nice post. We had a very successful day and a lot of fun! Hope your sale went well and congrats on the new computer :) Glad you are enjoying your spoon tag, we love making them ~ Jacque


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